Just a week after we posted about recommended games created with Tim Sweeney's ZZT, the text-based action/adventure/puzzle game with a built-in editor and scripting language, sister-site Gamasutra posted an in-depth interview with the developer discussing the DOS game's origins and why he changed his studio's name from Potomac Computer Systems to Epic MegaGames.

This bit where the Epic CEO explains how ZZT orders are still being received and sent out 18 years after the game originally released and a decade after he renamed the company is particularly amusing:

"My father still lives at the address where Potomac Computer Systems started up, so he still gets an order every few weeks... he's retired now, so he doesn't have much to do. Every week, he'll just take a stack of a few orders, put disks in them, and mail them out. So you can still buy ZZT."

You can read the full interview at Gamasutra.