Gametrailers has a fantastic three-part video series profiling Infamous developer Sucker Punch Productions, offering interviews with employees at nearly every level, from the studio's co-founders to SCEA's development director to Infamous' quality assurance testers.

The developer diary focuses less on the studio's PS3-exclusive game, and more on topics like finding ways to spend time with your family during crunch times and how the company began developing 3D platforming/action games.

"When we started, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. And so, in our naïveté, we decided to do games that were like the games that we really liked, which were, you know, Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot," says co-founder and development director Chris Zimmerman, discussing Sucker Punch's first game, Rocket: Robot on Wheels for N64. "We didn't pick something easy to go and do. We had to pick the hardest possible thing to go try to do."

Another interesting detail about this developer diary series is that it was shot and produced by 2 Player Productions, the same group behind chiptune documentary Reformat the Planet. You can even hear chiptune tracks playing in the background in these videos!

"We met one of the senior Sony developers at PAX last year," says 2PP producer Paul Levering. "He loved Reformat the Planet [and] said he wanted us to work on some stuff with them. [He] hooked us up with Sucker Punch."

You can watch the other two parts of the Sucker Punch video series at Infamous' Gametrailers page.