To promote Star Fox and its prized Super FX chip, Nintendo accompanied demo kiosks for the SNES polygon shooter with a laser light show in a giant 360 "space dome" at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in 1993. The presentation didn't just show the Arwing flying around; you can actually see it flying through a field of asteroids and fighting Andross.

Grooveraider, who recently posted this vintage clip he recorded over 15 years ago, notes that the footage was also used for a short documentary on Super FX by Points, which features a 2007 interview with Dylan Cuthbert, the series' former producer and now Q-Games's president, talking about his work leading up to Star Fox and his relationship with Nintendo.

At around the six-minute mark, Cuthbert looks back on that Winter CES and gives some commentary on the laser show. "I was amazed at the amount of effort [Nintendo] put in. It was like the major thing for the show."