Sony opened its official site for Qruton, a PlayStation Network puzzler releasing for both PS3 and PSP this June, revealing that the game is helmed by Yasuhito Nagaoka, who directed the original Mr. Driller games at Namco before joining the platform holder several years ago.

Kaori Shinozaki, who also worked on the Mr. Driller as a designer until Nagaoka invited her to Sony last year, is designing Qruton, according to a report from game weblog

The PSN title looks nothing like Mr. Driller, though, but its mechanics bear a close resemblance to Nintendo's cutesy DSiWare puzzle release, Kuru Kuru Action Kuru Pachi 6. In Qruton, players rotate numbered tiles to align four or more like-numbered square pieces. Once grouped, the numbers on the tiles increase by one and allow for opportunities to shift nearby pieces for a combo chain.

If that sounds much too confusing, here's a trailer that will better demonstrate Qruton's gimmick:

[Trailer via PSP Hyper]