Celebrating King of Fighters XII's upcoming console release and the series' 15th anniversary, SNK Playmore launched a "2D Dot Graphics Gallery" Japanese site centered around the King of Fighters games' hand-drawn graphics.

The site details the process of creating KOFXII's new character sprites, starting with the models based off rough sketches provided by the art director, to the six and a half months spent adding details to muscles, clothing, and other areas. The entire process takes about one year and four months to create the 400 to 600 dot images for each character, according to the steps translated by Japanese gaming news blog Andriasang.

The actual 2D Dot Graphics Gallery allows visitors to view animation patterns frame-by-frame for five KOFXII charaters -- Kyo Kusanagi, Ash Crimson, Joe Higashi, Elisabeth Branctorche, and Mature -- with additional characters planned. Two stage backgrounds are also available to zoom and scroll through.