Philadelphia's Studio 34 will again host monthly chiptunes/8-bit video event 8static this Saturday, this time featuring a free premier screening of Reformat the Planet 1.5. Shot by 2 Player Productions, the same crew behind the Blip Festival DVDs, the 40-minute flick will cover New York City's Pulsewave concerts, "the growth of the chip music scene in Philadelphia, and the arrival of the next generation of chip musicians to the 8-bit scene."

If you're not able to make it to the screening, 2PP plans to include RTP 1.5 in the DVD release of its feature-length documentary covering New York's chiptune scene, also titled its Reformat the Planet. The company has screened the film at several festivals and at last year's Penny Arcade Expo, and will finally put out the DVD this summer.

Performers at this weekend's 8static include Go Motion, Void Vision, No Carrier, and Alex Mauer, the last two of which I've featured previously for their Pulsewave ROM flyers. Mauer will actually release his third and newest album, Vegavox II, at the show.

The album will come on actual NES carts, with title screens and artwork by Mauer accompanying each song (No Carrier coded the production). You can watch and listen to a preview of the title screen and first song here:

Mauer will sell Vegavox II at 8static for a discounted price of $25. The album will be available online afterwards, likely through label Pause Records, for $30.

[Via 8bitcollective, Daniel Rehn]