Mighty Jill Off developer Anna "Auntie Pixelante" Anthropy posted a selection of standout games built with ZZT, Tim Sweeney's 1991 DOS game packed with a level editor and simple but effective object-oriented scripting language ZZT-OOP. Sweeney, as many of you know, went on to create the Unreal Engine, and the company he released ZZT under, Potomac Computer Systems, later became Epic Games.

Anthropy praises ZZT's approachable level editor for not requiring designers to create external resources, as well as its ability to attract many without any game-making experience:

"These are by and large the people who were drawn to zzt - people with the desire to make games or tell stories but without the experience or knowledge or technical skill to take the conventional route to game creation. Kids, amateurs, dabblers, and hobbyists. Videogame zinesters: much of what they produced is unpolished and unplayable, and much of what they produced is incredible outsider art. Which is why I thought a list of recommended games might be a useful place for the interested to start exploring."

Her recommendations include titles like Nightmare, a puzzle game in which "you drift through a dream world searching for parts of your shattered consciousness"; and Kudzu, a "strange adventure through a surreal landscape where the discord between one scene and the next form the thread that ties them together". You can see her full list of recommendations here.

To play the games, all you'll need is a free copy of ZZT and probably DOSBox to run ZZT in.