To commemorate the Japanese release of Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 (the latest entry in the Raw Danger/Disaster Report series), accessory manufacturer MSY has released a system shell that can be used as a grip, useful for games where "the excitement level can ramp up, which causes sweaty and slippery palms", according to import retailer NCSX.

It will also help you hold onto your PSP should there be a real-life earthquake or a building-rattling tornado, as there tend to be in this survival action adventure game. Notice the "cracked asphalt" texture on the accessory designed to mirror the broken city in ZZT3. The Zettai Zetsumei Grip also can be used as a system stand with the support bar on its back.

When we last talked about ZZT3, we featured a screenshot-filled diary of the game's first thirty minutes by CoreGamers' Bruno de Figueiredo. Since then, he's recorded another segment of the game, in which he dodges cars falling from the top floors of a garage, and finds a wicked pair of Hiroshi Yamauchi-style sunglasses.