This past weekend, Brighton's Fishing Museum hosted Pixel Hail, a multimedia exhibition of art from video game developers, with local UK studios such as Doublesix (Burn Zombie Burn!) and Media Molecule showing pieces from their titles.

The gallery also had artwork inspired by video games, so you could also see items like Mikaƫl "Orioto" Aguirre's wallpapers depicting scenes from classic games, Jude Buffum's 8-bit painting of a Saved by the Bell massacre, and several of the Something Awful forum's video game book covers presented as actual paperbacks.

Pixel Hail's Facebook page shows some of the pieces that were at the show, and software developer Tom Hume also has a few photos from the three-day event, a couple of which I've pasted below.

If you missed the show, AtomFire Productions, the developer that puts on the event, plan to run the exhibition again at the Develop conference in Brighton this July 14th to 16th.