Force Design announced that it is taking orders for Mad Bodies, its Atari Jaguar game featuring Breakout-style gameplay with shoot'em up mechanics.

The team spent six years on the title in their spare time, which is impressive if you consider that the hardware was already discontinued for eight years when Force Design began working on it.

The game features 10 stages, multiple power-ups and weapons, digital speech samples, and a humorous, self-aware plot:

"Mad Bodies puts the player in the midst of the Dark Knight Games tournament hosted by Dave Vapourware. The battle takes place over 10 stages, and with an arsenal of multiple weapons and power-ups, the player fights to take out The Graphics Man and prevent his ultimate rule of the universe."

Force Design priced the game at $80, which might seem ridiculous, but what other Jaguar game are you expecting to buy this year? Each copy comes with an "oversized plastic clamshell case with full color cover and cartridge label, and a semi-gloss, black and white instruction manual."

[Via Digital Press]