Organizers for Ludum Dare, the tri-annual competition challenging entrants to create a game based on an appointed theme in 48 hours, announced the scoring results for its most recent event in mid-April. Ludum Dare 14 participants put in their votes for the 123 entries, all centered around the idea of an advancing wall of doom, ranking the games in a number of categories -- innovation, polish, humor, etc.

The three titles with the highest overall scores, which I've included quick descriptions for below, are Seth "Mrfun" Robinson's Mind Wall, Anna "Auntie Pixelante" Anthropy's Tombed, and Rob's untitled game. You can see the results, download the 123 entries, and even watch timelapse videos following the creation process of 16 different games at the Ludum Dare site.

Mind Wall (PC, OSX)

(The game runs a lot smoother than my recording suggests.)

Despite its simple premise, this puzzler from Robinson is the highest scoring game out of all the Ludum Dare 14 entries. Each of Mind Wall's seven levels throws a series of walls at you with scattered gaps. You'll need to punch a hole that will fit the stage's assigned shape before the wall fills up your screen. It's very addictive, and fun to play with a friend watching/yelling out solutions.

Tombed (PC)

Just watching a playthrough video of Tombed, like this one shot by Magnamics, is enough to put my stomach in a queasy situation. There are a lot of similarities to Namco Bandai's Mr. Driller series, except with a falling ceiling of spikes threatening you instead of suffocation, and repurposing Anthropy's Danger Jane hero instead of starring the son of Dig Dug's hero.

The developer notes that a comrade named Leon has released a level hack using the game's released source code to create Tombed II: Twombed Off, which adds new elements that provide an extra layer of difficulty and strategy to the puzzle game.

Untitled (PC, Browser)

Rob's game reminded me a lot of fighting Seven Force in Gunstar Heroes, except without the minecarts and a lot of other elements. A series of giant advancing bosses/walls chase give chase as you jump from platform to platform, trying to figure out how to take down the armored vehicles with your piddling pistol.

I ran into a glitch with the browser version in the third level that didn't allow me to move but also rendered me invincible, so I couldn't reset the stage without starting the game over. Thankfully, the way the bosses are designed, I was able to leave the game alone to take care of some other online errands, and then return to it several minutes later to complete the stage.