With a new arcade game just out in Japan and a worldwide PS3/Xbox 360 release coming in July, The King of Fighters is on the minds of both long-time series fans and curious gamers hoping to try out this Street Fighter alternative for the first time. As a primer for that latter group (or for lapsed KOF players), DandyDLC put together a series of videos called The Beginner's Incomplete Guide to KOF:

As Arcade Renaissance's Ryan Gutierrez points out, these video guides won't teach you how to destroy any rival that dares pick up a controller pad against you; rather, it introduces you to the franchise's fundamentals that are unique from most games, like Street Fighter. The series' Kyo offers lessons on jumps/hops, ambiguous roll crossovers, and more.

You can watch Part II below:

DandyDLC says he has Part III on the way, so keep an eye out for that as you wait for Ignition/SNK/EVO's King of Fighters XII tournament, scheduled for May 30th in Los Angeles. You can find more details on that event at EVO's site.