"Junk Angel" by Jason Chan

UK's Pixel Hail exhibit wasn't the only art show to kick off in Europe this past weekend; “The Art of Games” also opened in Aosta, Italy, and will run through November at ex-church Saint Bénin.

Organizers of the exhibit hope to show "the level of art, fantasy, and technique that video games art require," displaying some 100 works -- including paintings, multimedia supports, music, projections, depth sections, and original sketches -- from 50 14 artists.

Four game units are available for visitors to play a selection of titles, as well as an "Amazing Inspiration" section where attendees can compare-and-contrast photos taken from "important cultural sites of the Aosta Valley" with the works of video game artists.

Gaming researcher Matteo Bittanti, who sat on the show's advisory board and delivered a presentation, discussed “The Art of Games'” significance and how it differs from developer-curated art exhibition Into the Pixel:

"Unlike “Into The Pixel”, “The Art of Games” is not associated with a trade show and it has been organized in Italy, a nation whose impact in the domain of digital gaming has so far been minimal, if not irrelevant, especially if compared to the contribution made by other European countries.

The importance of this event cannot be underestimated. “The Art of Games” offers an opportunity for video and computer game artists to showcase their work and receive critical feedback from both digital and Fine Art connoisseurs. The organizers are paying homage to a generation of artists that, so far, have received little critical attention aside from a limited number of publications."

I've pasted five pieces from the show below, but you can see more art and find more information on the event at "The Art of Games'" official site. Bittanti has also posted photos from the exhibit on his Flickr account.

"Afro Droid Battle Clouds" by Paul Sullivan:

"Autumn" by Stephan Martiniere:

"MC Side Full" by Craig Mullins:

"The Druid" by Kekai Kotaki:

"King Andy Portrait" by Alessandro "Talexi" Tani: