If you've seen Futurama's "Anthology of Interest II" episode, specifically its Raiders of the Lost Arcade segment, you'll remember Fry and friends jumping into a mobile air artillery platform to fight off a swarm of raiding Nintendians in a very Space Invaders-esque scene.

Game designer Shinobi is recreating that scene as an actual PC game (a game of a cartoon of a game!) right down to Rush's "Tom Sawyer" soundtrack. He has even added video clips from the episode that pop in during gameplay, sort of like those scripted parts in StarFox, when Peppy Hare would plead with you to do a barrel roll.

Shinobi hopes to add more backgrounds and power-ups (like the shield), as well as additional clips, like General Colin Pac-Man's "Ah! I'm hit! So cold..." whenever the player loses a life. I can't decide which will be the best Space Invaders release this year -- Invaders! Possibly from Space! or Space Invaders Extreme 2 for Nintendo DS?