In a new round of artwork released for the platformer, Team Meat revealed that The Behemoth's antennaed, yellow creature from Alien Hominid (pictured) will make a cameo in Super Meat Boy, likely as an unlockable character for the WiiWare/PC remake's new versus mode.

The game is slated to include a wide variety of characters donated by at least twelve independent developers.

This marks third guest appearance revealed for Super Meat Boy, the previous two being Tim from Number None's XBLA/PC/Mac time-manipulating platformer Braid, and Commander Video from Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip series on WiiWare.

Gamers will also get to play levels that look like they were taken from the characters' games, according to a TWG interview with creator and designer Edmund McMillen.

Super Meat Boy is expected to release "end of the yearish" with a price point that will be "just enough to annoy forum kids but affordable enough for them to still buy the game".