[The second of GDC Austin's new Summits that I have my greasy little fingers in, the iPhone Games Summit, has announced and is now accepting submissions - if you're an iPhone dev, maybe consider putting forward a lecture/]

Organizers of this September's GDC Austin have announced a call for submissions for its new iPhone Games Summit, following a similar call for the Indie Games Summit earlier this week.

Initial information about the September 15th-16th iPhone Games Summit is available on the GDC Austin website, with organizers noting that the first day will discuss "the business, marketing, and key design tenets behind successful iPhone game development", before the second day "provides overviews and deep dives into technical aspects of developing on iPhone."

The Advisory Board for the Summit, which will be announcing its first speakers in the next few weeks, include local Austin-area iPhone developer Brian Greenstone, founder and president of Enigmo creator Pangea Software, as well as Snappy Touch's Noel Llopis, a Game Developer magazine columnist and creator of notable iPhone app Flower Garden.

As the GDC Austin iPhone Games Summit call for submissions page explains, organizers are looking for business topics including marketing do-s and don't-s, game postmortems, alternative and innovative monetization methods, and paths to success on the App Store.

In addition, for the technical day, topics wanted include 3D engine and app discussions, Objective C tips, 3.0 OS features, approaches to using multi-touch, the accelerometer, and networking, and other detailed technical subjects.

The submission deadline for presentation abstracts for the 2009 iPhone Games Summit at Austin GDC is June 3rd at midnight PST, and more information is available on the official GDC Austin iPhone Games Summit website.