Wandering into the holiday weekend, time to check out the top full-length features on Gamasutra, plus some bonus original news stories and interviews from Gama and sister edu site GameCareerGuide.

There's some really neat stuff in here, too - including NPD analysis, a design piece on pacing, an awesome in-depth BioShock 2 interview, analysis on the future of the PSP, a new Game Design Challenge over on GCG, and lots more.

Here's the top stories of the week:

Rebuilding Rapture: Choices And BioShock 2
"Building a sequel to a beloved game is a delicate enterprise -- more so when you do it with a whole new studio. Alyssa Finley, executive producer at 2K Marin, and series newcomer and lead designer Zak McClendon, lay out the thinking behind building the sequel to BioShock."

Beyond Pacing: Games Aren't Hollywood
"In an in-depth design article, People Can Fly (Painkiller) designer Wesolowski looks at games from Freelancer through Thief and beyond to examine the all-important art of correct pacing in video games."

Collaborative Game Editing
"Individual game developers take responsibilities for different parts of game development - sometimes leading to content mixups and bottlenecks where their work overlaps. In this in-depth article, originally published in Game Developer magazine, Mick West discusses how collaborative editing may be the future."

Planning For Fun In Game Programming - Part 1
"From a game programming and planning perspective, how do you legislate for... fun? Veteran game coder Hammersley discusses how you might split game technical planning into 'must-have' features and 'non-functional requirements' that enhance the game's fun factor."

Analyze This: Is It Time To Refresh The PSP?
"Where now for Sony and the PlayStation Portable? A trio of analysts, representing firms such as Wedbush Morgan and Cowen and Company, discuss the PSP's state of play amid rumors of an upcoming redesign."

NPD: Behind the Numbers, April 2009
"In his regular, in-depth look at April 2009's NPD numbers, Gamasutra's Matt Matthews examines the disappointing month from multiple angles, from Sony's results and theorized price cut plans, through the numbers behind the software sales drop."

Plus bonus Gamasutra news and GCG features: Event Wrap-Up: Nordic Game 2009's Northern Spirit; GDC Canada Announces Doubled Attendance, 2010 Return; GCG's Game Design Challenge Tackles The Crisis Of Credit; Interview: 505 Games Merges Fashion Week and Video Games; Interview: How The Next Need For Speed Hopes To Shift Racers; Q&A: Recoil Games Reveals Eco-Themed FPS Earth No More; Postmortem: Getting the Degree.