Again, another blessed weekend is upon us - so time to recap some of the week's top full-length features on Gamasutra, plus some bonus original news stories and interviews from the site and GameCareerGuide that you might not have seen.

This time - interviews with senior folks from Guerrilla and Infinity Ward, as well as a much-discussed history of Rogue (more on the comments discussion from John H. soon), game design pitfalls explained, and lots more neat stuff besides.

Hoo ray:

Development Lessons From Killzone 2: An Interview
"Following the odyssey that took Killzone 2 to stores, Guerrilla Games' Hermen Hulst and Arjan Brussee talk about the game's development, from team structure through balancing and beyond."

10 Game Design Process Pitfalls
"Game designer Fisch looks into the process of making games, suggesting the ten biggest reasons why a game's production doesn't end up working out quite as hoped, and possible fixes for those issues."

Game Tools Tune-Up: Optimize Your Pipeline Through Usability
"How do you perfect your custom-created game tools? Sega and LucasArts veteran and Robotic Arm Software founder Goodman discusses tips and tactics for methodology when you roll your own tools."

Secrets of Multiplatform Data Baking
"In this technical article, originally printed in Game Developer magazine late last year, veteran game programmer Llopis continues his look at data baking by examining how different console and PC game platforms treat data in memory."

The History of Rogue: Have @ You, You Deadly Zs
"UNIX-based dungeon crawler Rogue: Exploring the Dungeons of Doom (aka Rogue) is a key early video game, despite not even originating on a home platform -- Loguidice and Barton extract bonus material from their 'Vintage Games' book to analyze it in detail."

Inside Infinity Ward's Art: Michael Boon Speaks
"In this new Gamasutra interview, Infinity Ward's technical art director Michael Boon, who has worked on the Call Of Duty series back to its original 2003 incarnation, and is currently working on Modern Warfare 2, exposes some of the process behind the game's visuals, and discusses the developer's creative philosophies."

Bonus Gamasutra, GameCareerGuide originals: Analysis: What The Nintendo 'Slowdown' Really Means, Activision Talks DLC Advantages, Starcraft II Beta, GCG Feature: Student Illusions About Being a Game Designer, EA's Riccitiello Sees Pause In Console 'Arms Race,' Prepared For 'Very Extended' Console Cycle, GCG Feature: Four Ways To Write Your Design Docs.