Yet again, the weekend is upon us - so time to recap some of the week's top full-length features on Gamasutra, plus some bonus original news stories and interviews from the site and GameCareerGuide that you might not have seen.

Thanks to our staff (and contributing developers!), I hope our sites continue to lead the way in discussing the art and business of making awesome games. Thus, in the last seven days, we went from compelling Molyneux and Hollis interviews through social network game analysis, neat DS game postmortems, and lots more.

Here's the highlights:

Peter Molyneux: The Essence of Interaction
"Gamasutra speaks to Bullfrog and Lionhead co-founder, Populous, Black & White and Fable series designer, and iconoclast Peter Molyneux on his studio's evolution, the role of emotion in games, and what's next."

Postmortem: Square Enix's The World Ends With You
"In this rare postmortem, the creators behind acclaimed DS title The World Ends With You at Square Enix and Jupiter describe exactly what went right -- and wrong -- while making the innovative touch-screen title."

The Social Network Game Boom
"In this in-depth article, Sande Chen looks at the state of games for social networks like Facebook & MySpace, which "seem poised to set a revolution in the game industry akin to the one first kindled by downloadable casual games", according to her."

Sponsored Feature: OMG, Multi-Threading is Easier Than Networking
'In his new Intel sponsored feature, part of the Visual Computing section of Gamasutra, former Insomniac and current Intel staffer Orion Granatir introduces threading by comparing it to networking in games."

Quality Quality Assurance: A Methodology for Wide-Spectrum Game Testing
"Nintendo and Microsoft Game Studios veteran David Wilson talks about the value of diverse, video game testing, suggesting a formula to make sure your game debuts with the smallest amount of bugs possible."

A Convoluted Conversation With Martin Hollis
"Former Rare developer and N64 Goldeneye 007's director, Martin Hollis, has returned with the unique Bonsai Barber for WiiWare, a tree/haircutting title with some unique features - and talks to Gamasutra about his career and the new title."

Plus bonus Gamasutra news originals and GameCareerGuide feature: Exclusive: PS3 Owners Want Final Fantasy XIII More, GCG Feature: Student Unreal Tournament III Mod Toon Doom, Ubisoft's Guillemot: Prepare For New Hardware 'In The Next Few Years', Exclusive: Third Parties Fare Well On Most-Wanted Wii List, Big Fish Acquires Grubby Games, 'New Brand' Coming Soon, Exclusive: Halo 3: ODST Tops Most-Wanted Xbox 360 List, Interview: A2M's Fortier on Wet's Acrobatic Shift.