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As this week wends on, it's time to continue with GameSetLinks galore, and in this case, we start out with 1UP's Jeremy Parish discussing the slightly crazy announcement that the Sakura Wars series is finally coming to the West - a little past when people were the most excited about it, but hey.

Also in this set of links - a new blog about writing in games, Steve Purcell's drawings for a Game Developer mag cover, Bitmob's debut, a tease on an unreleased NES title, and more kerfuffle besides.

Thank you for smoking:

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Sakura Wars Comes to America, But is it Too Late to Matter?
Good Parish analysis on, yeah, something that people don't care about any more, which is odd when you remember the frothing fanboy demand 10 years ago: 'For anyone who followed the RPG or import scene in the late '90s, this is a pretty big deal; the prospect of a Sakura Wars localization has existed in a perpetual state of will-they-or-won't-they limbo for ages.'

Narrative Flood - Because Story Matters
An _excellent_ new blog about story in games by Richard Cobbett. Plz bookmark/RSS nw.

SPUDVISION: A Bit of Process
When we had this Game Developer mag Sam & Max cover painting by Steve Purcell in the office (we've never, before or since, had a painting delivered to be the cover!), we SOO wanted to steal it. But we didn't, aw.

What lies ahead, and when. — Lila Dreams Blog
This is interesting, if a little anecdotal: 'Lila Dreams is no longer slated to appear on Kongregate as a premium game. In fact, Remnants of Skystone is the only premium game which will be released in the future. Kongregate will not be green lighting any more games. The economy is bad, so certain things had to give, I’m told.'

Bitmob: About Us
Dan Hsu and friends' new site: 'Whenever you post something to Bitmob, a quick teaser of your story will go to the Mobfeed, a catchall for every update from anywhere on this site.... If we feel your stuff is top-notch material, we’ll editorially vet your post for quality control, then promote it to the front page to sit alongside our own content.' Broadly agree, that's what we're doing in Gamasutra blogs nowadays. People writing cool things are awesome! :)