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Continuing with a sumptuous feast of links from across the Internet, brought from GameSetWatch to you over a series of tubes (hope you're liking the enhanced version of GSW, btw - much kudos to Eric Caoili for research and digging up some awesome cultural artifacts!)

Anyhow, in this particular URL stew, we have an MSNBC piece on high school-themed games, the U.S. demo-scene continued, the Blurst folks in the WSJ, interesting thoughts on Mother 3, the world according to Messhof, and more.

But how?

Progression in Mother 3 - The Quixotic Engineer
'To use a cooking metaphor, it’s as if the designers used the same ingredients, but tweaked the recipe and ended up with a very different dish.'

Fullbright: Reorienteering: spatial organization in BioShock
'How does the designer keep the player oriented, and give them the information they need to easily navigate from one side of the level to the other?'

High school hell is great fodder for games - Citizen Gamer- msnbc.com
'War is hell, but a few savvy developers have figured out an even more hellish and heart-pounding backdrop for games: high school. Bullets whizzing past your head? Pshaw. Just try surviving the cafeteria.'

Playing To The Gallery | Edge Online
Neat Chris Dahlen interview with Messhof on the 'getting artier' Edge Online.

demoscene.us - Blockparty 2009 reports and releases
Reports, competition info from the U.S. demo-scene party.

Boom or Blurst: A New Business Model for Videogames? - WSJ.com
Nice, my buddies (and Indie Games Summit/Festival co-organizers) at Flashbang get a really nice Wall Street Journal profile - also important on emerging biz models.