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As we move rapidly towards the weekend, it's time to check out the latest set of GameSetLinks, headed by another excellent NowGamer.com UK mag-reprinted profile -- this time of the history of Game & Watch, something that's dear to our heart, and vaguely connected to the name of this blog.

Also in here - Guitar Hero research, the latest GameTunnel indie game review round-ups, a discussion of who put the A in MDA (or thoughts to that effect!) and lots more besides.

Import export:

ThenGamer: Game & Watch | NowGamer
'According to legend, Nintendo engineer Gunpei Yokoi came up with the concept after observing a bored Japanese salary man absent-mindedly fingering his pocket calculator while travelling to work.'

Original Sound Version » Blog Archive » Tales of Knighthood: Sonic and the Black Knight Original Soundtrax (Review)
Interesting idea to mix Western notables like Jacques and Tallarico with Japanese composers.

guitar hero: a research blog: Schizophonic Performance article
The full article - we've run a few of Kiri's research extracts on GSW before.

April 2009 Indie Game Round-Up by Game Tunnel
'This month at Game Tunnel we had some amazing titles! A tiny off the beaten path game, Caster, took our vote for Game of the Month.'

GAMBIT: Updates: Have Adventure Games Forgotten the A in MDA?
'Hearing people talk about the lack of new adventure games, they frequently say they miss the complex stories, the humor, the interesting situations. Who misses the actual interactions?'

Fullbright: Single-A games
'Hopefully games like Zeno Clash and The Path (and Gravity Bone, and Flower, and so on,) are early glimmers of the successful intersection of immersive 3D and the indie mindset. And hopefully they're to be followed [by] many, many more.'