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Wackin' on with a new week of GameSetLinks, thanks to our 600+ RSS feed trawl addiction fun, I will again attempt to complement Eric Caoili's excellent GSW coverage with a collection of links to amaze and astound.

This time - revenue for Flash games discussed, a gorgeous infographic, MSNBC on how much we should pay for iPhone games, Kyle Orland's stat-gorgeous game blog analysis, and plenty more.

For all man:

San Francisco Chronicle: Small, independent games deliver big value
Another big-media print piece on why indie games rock - great news.

Wired: The Complex Universe of Games and Puzzles, Simplified
Infographics overload alert!

Pixelante Game Studios - Revenue Breakdowns
The guy who did hit Flash game Hunted Forever, and others, with REAL NUMBERS: 'So what can we conclude from this? Well for starters: making a living is possible. Going to get rich? Not likely. Difficult? Perhaps... Can you support a whole company like this? That's the bigger question. A single guy like me with a very laid-back lifestyle can get by on $30 000 a year. Two people? Notsomuch.'

Versus City » Blog Archive » Arcadia June - Top 10
Oo, Arcadia redesign, and also the Japanese arcade top tens are always fascinating. (Is it me, or are some of these titles getting more popular in the West again, thanks to real-time online play for console versions?)

Will the people pay for quality iPhone games? - Citizen Gamer- msnbc.com
'The question then is: Do you get what you pay for? And is this kind of rock-bottom pricing good for gameplay and the future of Apple’s new gaming handheld? More importantly, which games are actually worth spending money on?'

Press Pass: Blogging by the Numbers
'For a full week (April 27 to May 3), I read and cataloged the posts of three of the largest gaming blogs out there: Joystiq, Kotaku and Destructoid.' Some more fun stats analysis here.