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As the week continues, time to return to the GameSetLinks - this time headed up by Crispy Gamer, with an interesting discussion on whether there are some developers that you can just be cool with, no matter what cruft they decide to unleash upon the market, because you love 'em so.

Also in here - lots of discussion of Flower, the Co-Op guys talk about being game video masters, some fun stuff from a GSW columnist on what's wrong with tabletop RPGs, and plenty more besides.

Go go go:

Crispy Gamer - Column: Thought/Process: The Lifetime Pass: What It Is and How to Earn It
'It's hard to give out free passes to game creators because the finished product is usually the result of a team.' But attempts are made here, with fun results.

Critical Distance | Flower
Really nice compilation of critical analyses/reviews of Flower.

Hypercombofinish :: How To Be Me: Matt Chandronait, Area 5 Founder & Producer
'Matt works as producer, editor and *actor* for Area 5 Media's flagship show CO-OP, "a weekly look at the meaningful, the important, the interesting, or the just plain fun games that are out there or will be coming out.'

Post Position » Well Played
'Well Played 1.0: Video Game, Value and Meaning is now out from ETC Press. It’s available in print from Lulu.com and has been offered to the creative commons and can be downloaded as a PDF or read on the Web.'

Videogame Violence and the Dark Side of Flow | GameCulture
'While I believe that media researchers have almost chronically mistaken the psychological effects of "the flow state" as evidence of desensitization to real-world violence, Thompson's piece does make me think about how "flow" in violent games might desensitize us to representations of violence, even when those representations involve the real thing.'

Ludus Novus » Blog Archive » What’s Wrong with Tabletop RPGs
'I’ve been working on a tabletop RPG system, and one of the things any creator needs to ask is “what’s wrong with what’s already there?” and “how can I make it better?” Here, then, is a list of the things wrong with tabletop roleplaying games.'