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As we roll into what can only be a holiday Monday in the U.S., time to boot up a few GameSetLinks from both last week and this previous weekend - and we hope everyone's having a pleasant, at least semi-relaxing time.

Highlights this time: another neat Channel 4 educational game, a rave for Raiden Fighter Aces on the Xbox 360, an excellent look at the E3 Game Critics Awards, Chris Morris pops up at Variety, the continuing saga of Christian game company Left Behind, and plenty more.

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Wonderland: 1066: the game
Via Alice: 'Here's another big fat flash game from Channel 4 Education for you: made by Preloaded, and to complement the C4 factual drama 1066, it's a historically accurate (right down to the taunts) military strategy game. Multiplayer, too.'

Getting Ahead In The Industry - Zack Hiwiller
'Here is the unhappy truth: those who do whatever it takes to make the game the best they believe it can be are seen as boat-rockers.'

It's as easy as this: 'You know what I like doing? I like telling you to buy videogames. Buy Raiden Fighters Aces! Do it now! Twenty bucks! Do it! Do it!'

Crispy Gamer - Column: Press Pass: The Most Important Game Critics at E3
Whatever misgiving I may have about CG's biz model, they are really commissioning some excellent articles - this one is well worth checking out.

Kotaku - Indie Devs Turn To In-Game Ads After Piracy Strike - In-game Advertising
Interesting piece cos it shows the struggles of indies, but do the Raycatcher guys really think they're gonna make more money doing ads in a Unity web browser game than putting their game on Steam? Cos that's not going to happen in today's market, I don't think.

The Cut Scene: 'Hey, who’s the new guy?'
Ah, CNN Money's Chris Morris, long dormant in his games writing, pops back up following in Ben Fritz's footsteps - neat.

Digital Foundry /// Eurogamer
V.interesting super-techy blog gets a home semi-hidden on EG. Neat, though.

The Extraordinary Saga Of Left Behind | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Left Behind Games is a crazy company - witness previous attempts to bother us, way back, for actually nothing - nice Walker post here.