Before yesterday, very little was known about Team Ico's (Shadow of the Colossus) third, unannounced title, other than its essence being "rather close to Ico", according to director and lead designer Fumito Ueda, and an in-game image of a chain that was included with the studio's job posting for an unspecified PS3 project.

That same chain reappears in this early test footage posted by PlayStation Life, which some are reporting was initially shown off privately by Team Ico over a year ago.

Keep in mind that because of the video's age, the final product will likely look very different from what's shown here, in terms of graphical quality if not content, and the game presumably won't be advertised with this placeholder music taken from the Coen brothers' 1990 film Miller's Crossing.

If the shipped game turns out to be even half as endearing as this test clip, though. allowing players to befriend and go on adventures with an adorable griffin-like creature, you can count me in.