Unfazed by the recent closure of his uWink restaurant's Mountain View location, Atari founder and Pong creator Nolan Bushnell set up a new weblog on entrepreneur site Inc.

Titled "A Serial Entrepreneur's Perspective", the blog has so far discussed topics such as how to run creativity sessions with groups, why a recession is a very good time to start a company, and why patents typically aren't useful if you don't have $500,000 in extra cash.

Bushnell makes sure to share his experiences from Atari on the blog, too. In a post about why job security is "one of the worst things a person can have," for example, he talks about how firing employees can allow them to reinvent themselves:

"Over the years, many people that I laid off or fired have contacted me and, in many cases, it turns out that they took their severance or unemployment insurance time to get another business going. Many times an employee who was easy for me to lay-off was just miscast at Atari. Once they were in the position of creating their own gig, they knocked it out of the box."

You can read the blog, which has seen regular weekly updates since Bushnell launched it in early May, at this link.