[Every week, Gamasutra sums up sister iPhone site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's nascent -- and increasingly exciting -- portable games platform, as written by editor in chief Danny Cowan and authors Tim Lockridge, Louise Yang, and Jonathan Glover.]

This week, FingerGaming highlights notable releases like Toki Tori and Sonic the Hedgehog, and details the upcoming debut of Ground Effect.

In addition, we start our exclusive FingerGaming interview series with a chat to EatWillGrow developer Ben Hopkins, and featured reviews for this week cover Peggle, Dark Raider, and Orchestra.

- Interview: EatWillGrow Developer Ben Hopkins
"FingerGaming talked to developer Ben Hopkins about how the scoring idea developed, the application of metagames in iPhone apps and his future in iPhone development."

- Review: Peggle
"Peggle is like a pachinko game seen through acid-colored glasses. You drop a ball and hope it hits as many orange pegs on its way down as possible. As soon as your arsenal of balls runs out, it's game over. It's deceptively simple, but infinitely addictive."

- Chillingo Takes WiiWare Puzzler Toki Tori to iPhone
"Toki Tori is best described as a gameplay blend of Lode Runner and Adventures of Lolo. Each sidescrolling level grants Toki a small cache of items and resources. It's up to the player to find a way to use these limited resources to progress through each level, collect all of the eggs within, and find its exit."

- Top Free Game App Downloads for the Week
"IntuApps' bathroom etiquette quiz Urinal Test has caught on fast with App Store customers, and the title finishes as today's most popular download in the Games category."

- Sega Releases iPhone Port of Sonic the Hedgehog
"Sonic the Hedgehog for the iPhone includes all of the zones from the original game, an iPhone-specific control scheme, and video options that allow you to play the game either at its original resolution or in a stretched size that takes advantage of the full area of the iPhone's screen."

- Review: Dark Raider
"I'm pretty sure I've put more time into Dark Raider than I've put into any other iPhone game. These hours are a testament to Dark Raider and what I think the game could be; in short, these Zelda-like dungeon crawlers are a genre of which we need to see more."

- Former Bullfrog Dev Glenn Corpes Reveals Ground Effect
"The game boasts an impressive 3D engine that allows for a large draw distance, which will no doubt come in handy during every race -- Ground Effect's free-roaming gameplay encourages players to find their own routes and shortcuts between checkpoints."

- Top-Selling Paid Game Apps for May 19th
"StickWars remains an unstoppable force, as the title takes the App Store's top chart spot for the fourth week in a row. EpicForce's vertically scrolling shooter iFighter rebounds after a disappointing finish last week to take second in today's results, while Bloons drops to third place."

- Review: Orchestra
"In theory, Orchestra could have been a brilliant game that made effective use of the iPhone's accelerometer. The game describes itself as an app that lets users play along to their favorite classical pieces as either a conductor or a violinist."

- Armor Games Releases iPhone Port of Puzzle Platformer Shift
"Initially, Shift seems like your typical 'find the key, then find the exit' single-screen platformer. A few levels in, however, the game introduces the 'shift' mechanic, which inverts the on-screen colors and flips the screen upside-down."