Back in 1984, Tim McVey (not to be confused with the similarly named terrorist) was the first to officially reach one billion points in Nibbler at the original Twin Galaxies arcade in Ottumwa, Iowa.

His 1,000,042,270 score stood as the game's record high for 25 years until February 22nd, 2009, when Dwayne Richards passed the 1.04 billion point mark after playing for over 36 hours straight without any breaks or bathroom stops.

McVey has been waiting since for the Easter holiday weekend to reclaim that record, and you can watch his attempt streaming live, courtesy of a webcam pointed at an original Nibbler machine in his home. He started playing early this morning and hopes to push through the marathon Nibbler session until tomorrow afternoon.

If the idea of watching someone play an arcade game for several dozens of hours straight sounds boring to you, there will at least be several of McVey's friends and family, including Electronic Gaming Monthly's former writer "Trickman" Terry, to keep him and viewers company.