Despite its name, Super Ultra Baseball 2 is the fourth entry in the Ultra Baseball series, with the first two games released in the U.S. as Baseball Simulator 1.000 and Super Baseball Simulator 1.000. Translation group VX has put out an English patch that fully translates the 1994 Super Famicom title, also converting metric units to the United States Customary System and correcting minor graphics issues.

The game stands out for its use of ability-boosting power-ups and special moves. Because SUB2 was created without a Nippon Professional Baseball license, it instead features 18 teams spread across three leagues -- Sunny, Paradise, and Ultra. Those actually sound way more fun than the NPB's Central and Pacific leagues.

Developer and publisher Culture Brain intended to release SUB2 in the U.S., but later canceled the localization for unspecified reasons. The studio is still around creating games for the DS, and even recently released Super Choujin Ultra Baseball DS with online support, anime characters, and an NPB license.

[Via RHDN]