AtariAge community member Seymour stumbled upon an old box of forgotten Starpath Supercharger units and 15 prototype cassettes for the Atari 2600 given to him by a friend years ago and stored in his Dallas office. Developed by Starpath as an add-on module for expanding the 2600's RAM 49-fold, the Supercharger allowed for higher resolution graphics and larger titles, and could load games from cassettes.

Many of the prototype cassettes have been dumped and posted onto AtariAge, and forumers are currently analyzing the games to see how they differ from their commercial releases. The discovered prototypes so far include early versions of Excalibur and Labyrinth (which was released as Escape From the Mindmaster), as well as near-complete protos for Communist Mutants from Space and Suicide Mission.

[Via Retronauts' Twitter]