The SpokePOV kit turns your road, mountain, or BMX bike's wheels into vibrant and customizable displays of wonder, potential works of art, even! You can also program the kit to show Pac-Man chasing a terrified Inky, if that's the creative route you want to take.

Adafruit is selling the SpokePOV with 60 red, yellow, green or blue LEDs -- 30 for each side of a single wheel. The kit includes electronic parts and a circuit board for one basic configuration with 4K of memory (for four animated images), but requires a magnet to trigger the animation and a separate dongle for uploading images.

A SpokePOV is a 'stick' of LEDs with a magnetic (hall effect) sensor on the outer end. When a magnet passes by, the microcontroller takes note. By counting how long it takes between magnet passes, SpokePOV can tell how fast its rotating and quickly blink the LEDS to present an image. Therefore, no matter how fast you are riding, the image will show up correctly!

SpokePOV owners have been creating amazing animations with on their bike wheels for years now, dozens of which have been posted to Flickr. The Mario and Rock'em Sock'em Spokebots animations are particularly impressive!

[Via Simon Parkin]