The child of an interracial coupling, this simple but effective Sega Saturn modification combines the shells of a White Japanese system and a Black North American console. Rising Stuff forumer Yoshimitsu points out that he added a blue LED, a switchless region mod, and a matching controller, too.

Note that the custom black and white console is sitting in between the rare Japan-only Hello Kitty Dreamcast and Skeleton Sega Saturn, both of which sell for crazy bucks. The Skeleton edition, the last produced Saturn model with a 50,000 run, is so great, Sega actually wrote "This is Cool" over its CD drive lid and controller.

In other Saturn news, fansite Segatastic noticed that Enterbrain's Sega Store has brought back its Saturn-shaped backpacks, over ten years after the company stopped production for the actual console. The nylon bag sells for a ridiculous $72 (¥7,140), and is only available in the less exciting and not-at-all rare color of gray