Frustrated with the PSP hardware's inability to drive local software sales, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe hopes that maybe it will be able to one day remotely drive a toy car, according to a patent uncovered by Siliconera.

The proposed setup would enable a PSP system to wirelessly control a model car and to even receive video from a mounted camera on the toy. An attached speaker (and/or microphone) is outlined in the patent, too, which could potentially be used to play engine noises or maybe a trunk-rattling track like 69 Boyz' "Daisy Dukes", when cruising down the strip past a line of libertine Barbie dolls.

The patent also mentioned theoretically using the car for a racing game within "augmented reality zones", race tracks that players physically build with virtual markers. Objects in the areas captured with the mounted camera could be represented with computer-generated images, with say a sofa replaced by an alien mother ship (Siliconera's example).

Here are a couple pages scanned from the patent document: