Though Nintendo doesn't have a stellar reputation with Greenpeace, its games still have potential to deliver environmentally aware messages. This video prototype, for example, takes inspiration from the Wii version of microgame collection WarioWare to share ways players can save energy.

"My aim was to demonstrate that one can mediate specific serious information through entertaining games without compromising on fun nor gameplay," says developer Marek Plichta, an Interface Design student in Potsdam, Germany. "When concepting a serious game it can be very seductive to put in a lot of meaningful information on the surface for the player to 'understand.' While this can be good for training software, it's less suited for entertainment."

Plichta says that he combated that by designing the Eco Wario Ware prototype so that its primary goal is not to teach energy saving tips, but to "tint the subject of sustainability in a 'cooler' tone." The above clip shows only three out of 15 potential microgames Plichta has concepted.