If you're in the market for obscure virtual reality games, SkyRoads will be of interest to you, though its eBay seller warns that it needs a new joystick and buttons, and there are issues with loading the game.

The helmet, however, which you can wear whenever you want to pretend you're in the future, is in "very good condition". The setup, currently gathering dust in an Anaheim warehouse next to an Operation Thunderbolt cabinet, is still listed at the starting price of $299.00 with no bids.

It's difficult to find any information about a SkyRoads virtual game, though it's likely that this is actually Stellar Xpress, Bluemoon's 3D conversion of its SkyRoads first-person spacecraft platformer for PC. The "six-degrees-of-freedom 3D game demo" was sold to a Texas VR company before completion:

"Stellar Xpress got started as an attempt to convert SkyRoads into a 3D game. After developing it for about half a year, we managed to sell it to a VR gear manufacturer as a demo to be bundled with their hardware, and the original plans for SkyRoads conversion were abandoned as the original SkyRoads gameplay could not be reproduced in real 6 DOF 3D."

You can download and play PC demos for Stellar Xpress, SkyRoads, and the SkyRoads Xmas Special expansion from Bluemoon's online archives.