Every month, God bless them, New York City venue The Tank hosts Pulsewave, an event focused on "experimental and lo-fi music, with an emphasis on the burgeoning neo/retro art scene around chipmusic." Previous Pulsewave headliners include micromusic giants like Trash80, Starscream, Anamanaguchi, Nullsleep, and Minusbaby to name a few.

With the approach of each show, organizers put out a video flyer with original graphics and music to promote the upcoming party. Appropriate to the audience and Pulsewave's theme, the flyers are presented with 8-bit graphics, like an attract mode or title screen for an NES game. In fact, you can even download a ROM and play the flyer in an NES emulator (or on a real console, if you're one of those odd sorts who have an NES flashcart).

Here's the newest clip, a skyline scene invoking memories of Punch-Out!! and River City Ransom, and advertising this coming Saturday's show, which will feature French acts Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours and Dr. Von Pnok, as well as Larry (a duo consisting of Graffiti Monsters's Louis Shannon and Anamanaguchi's Ary Warnaar):

You can download the ROM for this piece here.

Seeing as I'm located nowhere near New York City, these nicely produced flyers are the real highlight for me whenever I think of Pulsewave. Programmer Don "No Carrier" Miller codes the slick production, chiptune artist Alex Mauer composes the wistful music, and illustrator Alex "enso" Bond (only 19 years old!) creates the charming graphics.

Bond also runs Pixelstyle, a fantastic Tumblr site celebrating "the aesthetic of pixels, whether from games, demos, original artwork, or anything else."

Here are two more of the group's recent Pulsewave flyers -- even if the advertised events are now past, the videos are still enjoyable months later. In fact, I still load up this first clip at least once every other week, whenever I need an artificial sunset and tranquilizing chiptunes to take the edge off a stressful day.

[Via enso]