"The Hero" by Christian Ward

As previously posted, the Nucleus gallery in Alhambra, California will host Jab Strong Fierce, a Street Fighter tribute art exhibition opening tomorrow and running until May 11th. The show is sponsored by Capcom, i am 8-bit, Udon Entertainment, and several other companies, and will feature pieces from over 40 talented artists. You can see the full artist lineup and find more details on the event's official site.

Rather than wait for photos and reports from the exhibit's opening night, I've gathered photos for over two dozen of the pieces that will appear at the show, and have collected them here for those of you who want an early look or who won't be able to attend. My favorites are definitely Ward's paintings and Khylov's Japanese bamboo mats, but they're all fantastic. Enjoy!

"The Monster" by Christian Ward:

"Adios Mama" by Jorge R. Gutierrez:

"El Fuerte es el Mas Macho" by Jorge R. Gutierrez:

"The Red Cyclone" by Derek Yu:

"Chun-Li: Modern Woman" by Kevin Dart:

"Hunt for Red Panda" by Brianne Drouhard:

"The Civilian" by Eric Fortune:

Ryu painting (cropped) by Leong Wankok:

Rufus and Dhalsim sculptures by J. Shea:

"Chun Li and Blanka" by Bobby Chiu:

"Street Fighter Kids" by Kei Acedera:

"Sakura Sake" by Mari Inukai:

"Flash Kick" by Anthony Wu:

"FOighT!" by Anthony Wu:

Chun-Li by Rodney Fuentebella:

Ryu by Rodney Fuentebella:

Sagat and M. Bison by Roland Tamayo:

"Hyakuretsukyaku" by Luke Chueh:

"Thank You for a Gorgeous Time" by Becky Cloonan:

"Elena" by Khylov:

"Dhalsimer" by Khylov:

"Metaphysique" by Khylov:

"Ueno-chan" by Khylov:

"Dhalsim" by Adam Alaniz:

"Oh! My Car" by David Jien:

"Street Fight" by Francis Vallejo:

[Via Vinyl Pulse, Arrested Motion]