Released in May last year, the original Phosphor Dot Levels DVD (Level 1) took viewers through the evolution of video games -- covering games for arcades, home consoles, and computers -- "from 1971’s 'Computer Space' through the dawn of the NES era." The product includes game-by-game profiles with footage and history/trivia, as well as a menu system for searching year-by-year to find particular games.

The PDF team has followed up on its first release with Level 2, a new three hour-long DVD with all new material and improved picture and sound quality. This sequel follows the industry from 1972 through 1987, reaching further into the NES era to show off "some of the most influential games (and a few dark horse contenders) of 1987."

Like the original DVD, Level 2, will have a collection of vintage commercials with restored sound and video quality, many of which PDF claims haven't been seen in over 25 years. It will again feature game clips, notes, and trivia, but will also cover "non-A-list classic consoles and computers" like the Fairchild Channel F and the Emerson Arcadia 2001.

The region-free NTSC discs will come with new features, too, like Retro Makeovers, side-by-side comparisons of classic titles with their modern-day reinventions. And Truth In Advertising Moments will compare released games with their pre-release publicity artwork to see if there's any resemblance between the shipped product's graphics and arists' promotional renditions.

Here are several shots from Phosphor Dot Fossils Level 2, which have their text and certain portions blurred out for some reason:

With Level 2's release, the PDF group also put together the Brown Box Collection, a two-disc set with both the original Phosphor Dot Levels DVD and its follow-up. The bundle comes packaged in a case with special woodgrain artwork inspired by the original Magnavox Odyssey's Brown Box prototype. PDF, PDF Level 2, and the Brown Box Collection are all available for purchase online through Media.