Players of A Tale In The Desert, eGenesis's PC indie MMORPG set in ancient Egypt, recently gathered on the game's official forums to debate over and complain about, of all things, resin etiquette.

Specifically, they deliberated over users "camping" next to resin-producing trees (possibly even running a resin-harvesting macro for hours), as well as the scoundrels who collect resin from a tree but don't "nick" it with a wedge so others can gather resin from it later.

As surreal as this all sounds -- and while some might dismiss it as users on a super-niche non-combat MMORPG having nothing better to do but argue about trivial issues -- it's not too different from players squabbling over resource etiquette in other MMORPGs, such as ores and herbs in World of Warcraft; players don't take kindly to people hogging limited drops and resources no matter what the game, especially if they're using a macro to automate their greed.

While ATITD's resin etiquette feuding raged on, another thread titled "Law - Resin Nicking Enforcement" popped up. Also a point of contention in the ATITD community -- "Flax Abuse Considerations". Pure awesome.