With everything Backbone Entertainment is adding to the XBLA port of Space Invaders Extreme, this console version should be the definitive release. Compared to the DS and PSP games release last year -- which we held up as the top portable releases of 2008 -- this update adds four-player online multiplayer, four-player local co-op in Arcade Mode, new stages, and revamped graphics.

The upcoming Xbox 360 version also features new "synthetically organic visualizer backgrounds" created by Llamasoft's Jeff Minter, which are designed to synchronize with the music and gameplay, increasing in intensity and saturation according to the invaders' speed and formation changes. Here's a clip showing off the new visualizers:

Perhaps it's my portable bias, but as crisp and appealing as this port looks, something about the XBLA trailer seems less exciting, less hectic than its portable counterparts. Or maybe it's all the extra space with the game displayed on a bigger screen? Also, it's a shame that there isn't an Xbox 360 paddle controller.