Over 25 years since Atari first debuted Major Havoc, someone has created a level editor for the Owen Rubin-designed 1983 vector-based arcade game.

Jess Askey -- whose zeal for the title has driven him to add new stages, speech support, and other hacks to Major Havoc in the past eight years -- released a free Beta version of the editor last month.

According to comments from Askey following its initial release, he hopes to to update it with a run/preview function and the ability to dump the levels to a ROM in the future.

The maze editor already has a lot going for it, though, as it features an easy drag and drop graphical interface for every possible element -- "walls, enemies, boots, cannons, [and] clocks."

You can download the Beta Major Havoc Level Editor here (.NET Framework 3.5 required).