Every year, Japan receives dozens of new mahjong video games (a slight exaggeration), based on China's centuries-old board game. They come in many varieties -- four-player classic mahjong, single-player versions, anime-themed (Gundam, Evangelion) releases, hentai mahjong, etc. The Shenmue and Yakuza series even have mahjong games available as distractions.

The variants can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the classic Chinese game, though, especially when they're in a foreign language, which is why import shop Rising Stuff has put up a condensed guide titled "Mahjong for the Japanese Impaired".

Providing game tiles for reference, the guide offers details on how to quickly identify pieces, sets, and winning hands. You'll be defeating chibi versions of rival Gundam pilots and disrobing anime women with your mahjong mastery in no time!