Rock Paper Shotgun's Alec Meer has written a sharp ode to that vilest video game enemy, the scourge that's tormented you in hundreds of games across dozens of genres for decades -- the indestructible locked door:

"I hate the way you are resistant to knives, to guns, to sledgehammers, to rocket-propelled grenades, to weapons that rewrite the very laws of physics, to dark unearthly magic, to punches that can knock a man’s head clean off. ...

I hate the way you are so often an easy shortcut for developers unable or unwilling to devise more satisfying obstacles and challenges.

I hate the way you so often lead to nowhere, how you are nothing more than decoration for a wall."

As this excerpt indicates, the rant is just a much a criticism of these bothersome devices as it is of the designers who fill their worlds with locked doors and gates to guard the rest of the game (or often to guard nothing at all). You can read Meer's full diatribe here.