"I'd like to continue being on the scene making games until I die," Hideo Kojima wrote in a faux resumé, presented during a Q&A session at the Apple Store in Tokyo's Ginza District.

The Kojima Productions head and Metal Gear creator shared with his fans glimpses from his early childhood, which he spent sitting around all day watching television (he learned how to eat spaghetti by watching TV). Despite his wasteful youth, he emphasized that he did have a girlfriend named Yoshiko.

Displayed on a projector was Kojima's "Path to Game Design" resumé, a timeline of significant points in his life that led to his thriving career at Konami. According to Anoop Gantayat, who attended and reported on the event, one of those milestones was the 1970 Osaka World Fair, where he first encountered foreigners. At some point during the Q&A, Kojima brought up a dream of working with an ethnically diverse group of people, describing the envisioned crew as a "Team Star Trek".

Another dream he had, marked on the resumé by his watching of the Apollo 11 moon landing's live broadcast in 1969, was to one day go into space. He still holds onto this dream, and even joked that the only thing he'd give up video games for is a chance to go into space. Tempting Kojima, one of the event's attendees revealed that he has a friend who works for Virgin Galactic, a company planning to one day offer sub-orbital spaceflights to the public.

You can read Kojima's translated "Path to Game Design" resumé here.