Game designer agj (The Lake) has put out a polished version of his Flash entry for Ludum Dare 14, the 48-hour game development competition that took place three weekends ago. He describes Heart as a "bleak and short 'experience' game", and also put up a postmortem explaining his decisions behind his contest entry.

Though it's a linear title, one which you can finish by holding down the right arrow on your keyboard, its playthroughs are cumulative, offering you more hints at its depressing premise each time you guide your character through the blocky office, struggling to escape the darkness crawling behind you.

Heart's oppressive experience fits the Ludum Dare 14 theme that people voted for: an advancing wall of doom. You can play the 130+ other entries from the competition designed around this idea, as well as read more postmortems for some of the submitted games at the Ludum Dare site.