[We're delighted to announce that Edge Online veteran Kris Graft is now working with us, both on the Independent Games Festival and contributing to Gamasutra - you'll probably see pieces posted to GSW from him in time, too, yay.]

Former Edge Online U.S. editor Kris Graft has joined up with Think Services to work as Content Director on the Independent Games Festival and as Senior Contributing Editor on Gamasutra, it's been announced.

Graft, who headed up North American editorial for the online version of Edge magazine for a number of years, will be working on the successful IGF event, helping to expand the judging pool and increase feedback for the 2010 Independent Games Festival and going forward.

He will be working closely with IGF chairman Simon Carless and co-chairs and Flashbang Studios indie developers Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink (Minotaur China Shop, Blush) to continue the event's success in highlighting the best indie games of the year.

In addition, Graft will be contributing daily to the double Webby Award-winning Gamasutra, which continues to lead the market in exploring the art and business of gaming.

His insight joins notable journalists such as Leigh Alexander, Chris Remo, Christian Nutt, Brandon Sheffield and Jeff Fleming.

All are also contributors to Gamasutra and sister publications including Game Developer magazine, and helping to contribute to Think Services' Game Developers Conference series of shows.