Long celebrated for their arcades and minigolf courses, Golfland Entertainment's "family fun centers" are familiar stops for many gamers in California, many of whom are likely unaware that the chain donated over $35,000+ to support California Proposition 8. The campaign for the proposition, which raised $39.9 million last year, helped changed the state Constitution to limit marriage's definition to opposite-sex couples, preventing same-sex couples from marrying.

Personal blog Guy Dads uncovered that the family-owned business's vice president, managers, and others chipped in a total of $10,459 to the ballot proposition, while president and chief executive Fred Kenney's wife, Cynthia Kenney, contributed $25,100 to the cause.

In an impassioned post at niche gaming site Insert Credit, which brought Golfland's donations to my attention, writer Joel admonished other gaming sites for not covering this controversy: "I wasn’t particularly surprised to learn this, but I am surprised it was only reported on activist blogs and not on any videogame related ones. There is a website called gaygamer.net. They run banner ads for gourmet food and Subaru cars (literally, this is not a generalization), but they didn’t report this. I guess I don’t understand the purpose of a gay videogame site then."