[Previously, we featured the Metal Gear Solid 4 skit and the two IGF-themed videos done by the San Diego-based Mega64 japesters for Game Developers Conference 2009, huzzah - here's the third post in that series.]

The fourth Mega64 skit debuted at the 2009 Game Developer Choice Awards, this video brings Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus to life. Of course, this was weeks before Sony Pictures revealed that it's working on its own, presumably much longer film for the PlayStation 2 game, written by the same talent behind Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Mega64's budget for the clip doesn't quite match Sony's, so the comedy group needed to scale its colossus down to human-size, which makes it more difficult to convey Wander's progress as he climbs the walking, ancient structure. The scenes are also more populated than I remember in the original game...

The team's latest podcast has additional insight on the skit's filming, including how it relates to an old Awesometown bit from The Lonely Island.