Once again, the weekend's here - so time to recap some of the week's top full-length features on Gamasutra, plus some bonus original news stories and interviews from the site and sister educational site GameCareerGuide.

Some really neat stuff out here - a v.neat Emil Pagliarulo interview about Fallout 3, an in-depth title on the state of iPhone games, a pretty interesting highlights reel for postmortems, Peter Dille on the state of PlayStation, and lots more.

Hey yay hurray:

Exploring A Devastated World: Emil Pagliarulo And Fallout 3
"Fallout 3 lead writer and lead designer Emil Pagliarulo on the creative process of everything from the main game to DLC to understanding and implementing user desires -- and how people saw the game as an Oblivion sequel."

The Three Rs of Audio Leadership
"What are the key things you need to work as a video game audio lead? LucasArts' Jesse Harlin picks the 'three Rs' that he thinks game audio managers need to have."

iPhone Devs: Rethinking the Art of Making Games
"In a Gamasutra special feature, we talk to five leading iPhone game developers, including the makers of hit titles Rolando, iShoot and Flick Fishing, on the state of making games for Apple's explosively popular platform."

What Went Wrong? Learning From Past Postmortems
"Gamasutra sister magazine Game Developer decided to round up every "what went wrong" entry from the last three years of game postmortems, and compiled the most frequently made mistakes (usually over five times each) into this cautionary feature."

Custom Tools: Environment Artists and Game Editors
"In this art-centric article, originally published in Game Developer magazine, Bungie's Steve Theodore discusses visualizing game environments, and why 'an upgrade to your tool chain is a great opportunity to upgrade the relationship between artists and designers'."

Catching Up With PlayStation: Peter Dille On Sony In 2009
"Sony is the company that perhaps popularized the post-cartridge console generation. But running into mixed press and PS3 pricing issues, how does the company itself view its progress? How does it see its business? Gamasutra spoke to Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America."

Bonus: GameCareerGuide features & Gamasutra news originals: 'It Was A Good Time To Make A Change,' Says Ex-Dragon Age Director; Analysis: Mature Titles On DS -- Is The Audience Just Not There?; GameCareerGuide Feature: What I Learned As An Indie; Exclusive Analysis: Console Tie Ratios Reveal Market Dynamics; GCG Feature: Big Hadron Games Mega-Postmortem -- 16 Flash Games In Three Months; Scratch Lawsuit: $6 Million Dev Costs, Legal Battle Over Source Code Revealed; Analysis: On The Wii And DS, Game Ratings Matter.